Buying E Cigs – A Guide To First Time Buyers

Trying hard to get rid of that harmful smoking habit due to nicotine addiction? are a recommended way to continue smoking without inviting any health hazards. We offer you the finest of nicotine smoking machines that are harmless, economical and smoker friendly. Though these electronic cigarettes we offer filtered and clean nicotine smoke, that is otherwise known as vapour, there are also other ideal things you must know before buying an e-cigarette that will best suit your need.

For all first time e cigarette buyers, here we offer an ultimate buyers guide that will educate you more about this safe and non-hazardous product:

Know What You Buy while Choosing e cig
An e-cig is not a wrapped nicotine smoking substance that you can buy randomly. One must know about the different types of e smoking tools available. We not only offer e cigarettes but also sell mini cigarettes, smoking pipes, cigars, pen cigarettes, and other accessories like rechargeable batteries, liquid kit that is otherwise known as vapourizer, automizer and recharging batteries, car batteries to instantly charge cigars on the go and flavor sticks.
When you are all new to smoking, you can buy from us disposable eletronic cigarettes because they are economical and worth trying. Even if you don’t like the gentle nicotine vapour that is flavoured you can always go for tobacco flavoured disposable mini electronic cigarette. They cost you less than 7 Euros and we deliver them at your doorstep with heightened delivery services.

v2-cigs-coupon-code-e-cigarettes-300x228Buying a Novelty Gift

If you are all set to smoking electronic cigarettes, and looking for a novelty kit then click here for more info, that you can use for a longer time period, then consider buying a perfect kit all add-ons that are necessary for e smoking. This kit contains e cigs with a battery, tank atomizer, USB charger, wall charger, car charger, liquid bottles, refilling tip, and an instruction manual. This instruction manual that we offer will help you in gifting this pack to other you really care about.

Always prefer buying tobacco flavoured ones for new smokers and in case of women you can gift them their favourite fruit flavor. We offer such novelty gift packs at a range that doesn’t erode your wallet and can offer you the absolute bliss of smoking for a longer span of time.

What is the Life of Each Add-on Purchase?
Knowing how long a product lasts will help you make a smart investment on e-cigs. Buying a disposable pack is only for one time use. They are not so eco-friendly to whereas a reusable e cigarette is eco-friendly and long lasting. An automizer usually can be used only once or for a pack. A fully charged battery (charged for about 3 hours) lasts for the usage of two packs that is 300 puffs. This battery can last for about 6 months to 1 year.

If you are travelling out then a car charger or USB charger can be used to recharge the cigar, ecig or a smoking pipe. If you wish to carry more automizer with you, then you can make use of tank automizers. Out tank automizer can store on an average can store upto 1.2 ml of smoking liquid. This 1.2 ml of liquid can offer you more than 300 puffs.

You can place your orders of these electronic smokeless cigs both disposable and reusable at our e store just from the comfort of your home. we deliver our products with a spill or leak-free packaging at your doorstep.